Friday, January 27, 2012

Weigh in day change....

I made the decision to change my weigh in day. I changed to Fridays, because having in on Monday was a real bummer.  I work hard all week, but as I said in  Monday's blog the weekends are hard for me eating wise.  I am hoping knowing how much I have lost will inspire me to eat better over the weekend. We will see I guess.
  Anyways this week has been good. I have started trying to run some.  That has been exciting.  I am going to have a good weekend.  I will do my best to make good food choices and try to get in some exercise other than cleaning the house..which can be a chore in itself!
  All that being said...I lost a pound this week. I am not looking for Biggest Loser numbers, but I was hoping for more.  That makes 4 pounds so far! I will take it and keep going!

'Till then,

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