Thursday, October 20, 2011

After a few weeks of total denial and frustration I feel much better today.  The weather is back to being cool and crisp and that makes me happy.  Also I have been doing well on the working out so I feel better about that. 
  After my last post about making excuses I got up from my desk and went straight to the treadmill and had a fabulous workout. Then yesterday I repeated the process.  I am trying to work out earlier in the day (before Noon) so that when I go to eat I make better choices so as not to undo all the work that I have done so far that day.  The past two days that has worked.  Also the morning exercise seems to give me an boost for the whole day.  I feel like getting more things done the rest of the day.
  I have been wearing my FitBit...and that is helping me track my steps and calories burned.  I am trying to get in 5000 step before lunch.  I know it isn't much...but in the last few weeks it is sad to say that there were whole days where I didn't get to 5000 steps at all.  Sad.
  I have a goal in mind that I haven't mentioned to anyone.  I would like to do a 5k.  I haven't really made specific plans to do one yet.  Just would like to see.  I have started trying to run.  And let me tell you that is a laugh. I am starting out slow...but still trying to push myself.  There is alot of me to get moving and I don't want to strain or hurt anything.
  I realized in my time of self reflection that I was working out, but when it got tough I would stop, so this week I am making a plan before each workout and sticking to eat even it I thinks I can't do it.  I know it has only been two days but it seems to be working so far.   
  This week is working on the week we are going to tackle the food..

Till Then,

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