Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trying to find my way...

I know I didn't post yesterday, when I started this I wanted to try to post everyday. Yesterday just seemed to slip away from me. I did pretty good yesterday, I worked out really hard. Still need to ramp up the working out. I ate pretty well. So it was all pretty decent.

Today is going well so far. Just got done working out, going to do some cleaning so that will burn a few more calories. My big problem today is I don't know what I am eating for Lunch. I want to figure that out before I hit the kitchen so I know exactly what I am doing and I won't be searching and nibbling while I try to sort it all out.

Things have been stressful here so I am trying really hard to to eat my way through the stress. This is huge for me. I am used to going to food for comfort, so this is a big change. Some days it works and some days it doesn't. I just want more days that it works.

We are going to be having company for the next few weeks so that is going to be fun, but at the same time I will be doing more cooking and more eating out. I have to find time to get in some type of work out. It is going to be hard...but it will all be ok too. I look forward to having Hubby off work that will be nice.

I am going to start weighing in on Fridays. So tomorrow will be the first day. I am scare to see where I am at right now. But it will also me good to know how far I have to do. I will be posting all those numbers...gotta keep myself honest even though it scares the crap out of me!


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