Friday, March 20, 2009

Day Three...

Here we are on Day Three of this thrilling Blog. So I think I am going to treat this blog like therapy. Anything I have on my chest I am going to get it off here. The biggest topic these days for me is weight loss. I know fun topic, but it is true. I have issues, BIG issues, and I think (I hope) I am ready to finally deal with them.

I have done the weight loss things a few times. I am hoping this will be the last time I start trying to lose weight. About a year ago I did really well and lost about 40 pounds in 4 months. Not too shabby, but since then I have gain about 15 or so of that back. I don't mind the working out part. I just have issues with the whole eating right thing. I love food, and I love to cook. I have a Husband that loves to eat the food that I cook. So I have to figure out how to cook healthier meals that we both like to eat and to eat smaller portions of the foods that aren't so good. I have read many books on what I should and shouldn't be doing. Now I just have to start doing it. That really is the hardest part the actual doing of the right things. It is really hard to give up the way I eat now. I love all the foods I cook, I mean if I didn't why would I waste my time to cook them.

Since I started rambling about food, I guess I will talk about the foods that I just don't need to keep in my house. If there are here...I will eat them..too much of them. So here is a list...

1. Peanut Butter- I love this stuff. I can eat it out of the jar with a spoon! I love to toast some bread and just eat Peanut butter and bread. My hubby finally figured this out..and I am happy to report that I have been off the butter for two months now, and yes I miss it.

2. Bread- I am a breadaholic. If there is bread in the house..I will eat it. I do try to get the healthy that is a good thing, it is kinda surprising that my hubby hasn't asked why we run out of bread so fast.

3. Mayo-I know I is really bad for you. But I LOVE me some Mayo. Like the Peanut butter I can slather it on the before mentioned bread and eat just Mayo and bread. I is SOOO wrong..but I really can't seem to stop myself. I need to ditch the Mayo. I really do.

4. Chocolate- I really don't keep much in my house so that is a good thing. We do eat mostly Dark Chocolate, which is better for you. That isn't too bad I guess.

5. Cheese- I love cheese, all types of cheese. I love cheese on bread with Mayo (See a pattern here?)

I guess there are my Top five go to when I need a food fix. When I lost that weight a year ago, I didn't have any of those things in my house. If it wasn't here I didn't eat it. I have a really hard time with self control. I get a craving in my head and that is all I think about until I eat whatever it is I am craving. It doesn't matter how much other food I eat, until I eat the food I am craving I will still think I am hungry (told you I have issues).

So see, I need to figure out some things, and I am hoping that talking them out will help me. In the next few days I will explain why now. And get into goal and dreams.

Thanks for Listening...


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