Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day Five, Time for the Why Now...

So the question of the day is why now? Why have I started this whole blog about getting healthy now. Well the answer is simple.

A few months ago I had a health scare. I ended up in the emergency room with chest pains. I am only 30 years old..that should not be happening to me. Thankfully all the test came back ok. When I had a follow up visit with my primary care Doctor I was informed that my blood pressure was on the high side. He gave me a few weeks to diet and exercise to see if I can't bring it down with out medicines. So it has not been a few months..and I am afraid to go back and see him again (stupid I know) but I didn't do what I was supposed to do. Even knowing that my health was at risk didn't kick my butt into gear and get the whole workout thing going like I should. How stupid am I?

So that is part of why I decided to blog. I feel that if I put my intentions out in the cyber space it will help me do what I need to do. I don't want to be stupid and not lose weight and have something happened to me that I can prevent. I don't want to leave my husband. I want to grow old with him.

Thankfully I have a hugely supportive husband. He loves me the way I am, but knows that I really don't like myself this way. We are going to work on this together. That will help me, because I never want to let him down.

So that is why I want to do this. I have tried so many times, but I have never even told anyone that I was trying so that if I failed they wouldn't know.

Tomorrow starts the big change. I have already started working out everyday, but tomorrow will start the better eating and the more exercise. Also on this lovely blog tomorrow I will outline what my goals are for working out everyday. I have to be held accountable. I know I can do it this time. It feels different for some reason.


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