Thursday, December 20, 2012

So happy...

I am so happy with my progress, But aslo so worried about Christmas Time.  Our family celebrations start on Saturday and won't end until Christmas Day.  That is a lot of days of crazy Christmas foods!  I know I won't be able to eat like I have been the last two week, I just hope I find the strength in me to not over eat by too much.  I have lost 9 pounds in two weeks and I really don't want to undo that work.    I am going to enlist the hubby to help me try to stay on track at Christmas. Hopefully between both of us I don't cause too much damage to my progress. 
   I am actually looking forward to starting working out again when we are done with Christmas.  I feel like I am getting a handle on eating right and want to start adding in some walking.  I am taking baby steps this time in hopes that I will be able to complete this journey.  

Merry Christmas all!

Till Then,

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