Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Back on the wagon again..Hopefully

So here I am again.  Trying this whole weight loss thing....again.  It is so hard.  I know I have picked a hard time to get started again with the Holidays coming, But I knew if I didn't start now then I would just keep eating and keep getting bigger then in the new year things would be even harder. So here I start again. 

I don't really have any grand plans this time.  I am going to move more and eat less and better.  I started to move more part yesterday.  I am adding the eat less today.  I have also decided to try to cut down on the sugar I eat.  I know I can't cut it all out.  I know me too well, but I know that I can eat less sugar everyday.  I don't drink much soda anyway so cutting that out won't be hard, but I am from the South so giving up my sweet tea...well now I just don't know about that.  I am going to do some research into the whole fake sugar stuff.  In the past I wasn't totally impressed  with Splenda but now there are so many more new products to try. 

I am starting to wear my arm band again. That really did help me last time.  I have set smaller goals for myself this time.  I think I was looking to big picture in the past.  Now it is going to be slow and steady I hope.

Well it is off to the treadmill. 
The goal for today in 5000 steps at least. (I know it should be 10,000 but I am starting slow remember)

Will fill you in tomorrow on how it all works out!


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