Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Early Morning walk!

So got up this morning and went for a walk while the hubby was taking a jog.  It was totally against my will.  Early mornings and cold don't make for a very happy me. But once it was done I felt ok.  I mean it wasn't even 7 am and I had already done 20 minutes of exercise.  Can't beat that now can you. 

I didn't quite get to 5000 steps yesterday. I will today. I figured out how many steps I need each hour that I am awake to get to that.  It is like 420 so that seems do able.  I will just have to walk around the house a few times..not big deal!

Eating was ok yesterday.  I did well considering it was date night. Will do better today. 

After while when I am more awake I am going to get on the exersice bike.  Do a little reading and a little peddling..sounds like fun.

Slow and steady...

Til Then..

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