Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life Happens....

It's funny how life gets in the way of best intentions.  That is what has been happening to me lately.  Just when everything was going so well with the eating and working out thing Life happened. 

First it was a change is work schedule that brought our nights to days and days to nights.  When are you sleep deprived you don't feel like working out..let me tell you.

Then it was visits from family...and visiting family.  Traveling...not the best for a schedule.

Now it is being sick.. I mowed our yard a few days ago and it was so much fun.  Being outside walking around pushing a mower for an hour and a half.  I felt great.  Then then pollen and all the dust floating in the air got to me, and I have been down for the count ever since.

So lately life has gotten in the way of my working out.  Right now I am hoping that life gets back on track so I can get back on the treadmill. 

Until then..


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