Thursday, February 18, 2010


5 miles on exercise bike times:
Tue the 9th 16:30
Wen the 10th 17:20 (went up a resistance level)
Thur the 11th 17:45
Sat 13th 16:20
long break
Tue the 16th 16:15
Wen the 17th 15:55
Thur the 18th 16:30

Not too shabby...

Treadmill one mile times
Tue the 9th 17:48
Wen the 10th 17:50
Thur the 11th17:15
Long break
Wen the 17th 16:35
Thur the 18th 16:16 (jogged for a full half mile!!!)

Over all I am very pleased.  I know I have a few longs breaks in there..but it was Valentines weekend so I gave myself a break.  Anyways..I am feeling good about things.  I am eating what I should..even if it is no fun..I do miss the old way of eating..and it is so easy to go back.  I am working on a balance of eating right and treating myself..

Will keep you posted..

Till then..

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