Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Something new..

So I started something new today.   I was on the treadmill first thing this morning.  I was hoping to get mostly done before I woke up..and you know what...it worked.  I was about half way done before I was all the way awake.  That was kinda nice.  I am only doing  a mile first thing in the morning.  So today I did that mile in 21:20. I am going to keep track of my mile times and keep working on getting it faster.

Also today I did five miles on the exercise bike. I did that in 17:45, and then kept going at a slower pace to equal 20 minutes total..  As with the treadmill mile I am going to be working on getting that five miles faster and on hard levels. 

For some reason thinking in the short times makes me feel like I am not working out much at all.  But I am doing at least 20 minutes on each piece of equipment.

I am going to add 20 minutes with my Wii once I get new batteries for the remotes.

I am really hoping these short intrevals will help me reach my big goals. 

On the eating front..I have gone back to measuring out my food.  I was doing really good when I took the time to measure it out.  So we will see if that helps again this time.  I am also writing everything thing done in my GoWear fit prgram.  I have started wearing my armband again and I remember how motiviating it was wearting it.

I went to the Doctor the other day and with the help of the meds my blood pressure was good.  Now I just need to drop some pounds so I can get off the medicine.

Here is to hoping all this will stick this time..

Untill then..


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