Sunday, July 26, 2009


For a news is good news. I am actually doing well...really well. I have lots 10 pounds in two weeks. I am so pumped. It hasn't been easy..but I am doing it. I have been working out really hard, and eating better. Still need to work on the eating, but slowly it is getting there. I still have days when I just eat the wrong stuff. And I know I am eating the wrong stuff...and I really don't care.

I love my armband. It has really helped me see that I wasn't moving around during the day as much as I thought. I find myself doing laps around inside my house just to get more movement in. I fell guilty if I am sitting still. I love having the instant data about how many calories I am burning versus how many I am eating.

Goals for this week.

1. Work out everyday-introduce even more running on the treadmill.
2. Eat Better-don't go over the calorie allotment for the day.
3. Reach 5000 steps at least a day.
4. Lose 4 pounds!

Wish me Luck!


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