Friday, July 10, 2009

Keep Moving....

That is my new motto. I wore my GoWear yesterday. I LOVE IT! I didn't wear it today because I need I bigger band for it. Yes I have big arms. I have ordered a new band for it..and I hope it will be here next week. Then I will be good to go.

I have enjoyed logging my food...well I did until I got to the end of the day and actually so how many calories I ate. OPPS...really need to work on that. It was very bad! I am going to sit down this weekend and really plan my eating for next week. I want to get some better for you snacks in the house. I have a few new cook books to go through that are Healthy that is exciting..I love to try new meals.

I worked out with my Wii yesterday..and boy was I sore today. I loved it. I miss being sore because I know it means I did something yesterday!

I tried to ride my exercise bike...but my feet were hurting...they have never hurt on the bike I think it was left over from the Wii..because you don't wear shoes on the Wii Fit board. least I did something so that made me happy.

I will be back on the Wii Fit board tomorrow...and we will see how it goes..

till then...


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