Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Chia Seeds have Arriaved!

I finally got my Chia Seeds yesterday, and started taking them immediately! I think I am going to like them. It seemed to take a while for them to 'kick in' or fill up in my belly. But once they did I was never really hungry. I have to learn that just because food is on the table doesn't mean I have to eat it all. I ate a bit too much at dinner last night and boy was my tummy aching after a little while. I did better at breakfast today to limit the food I was going to eat. I was still full but ate about half of what I normally would. That was nice. I ate breakfast about four hours ago and don't feel the least bit hungry right now. It is a nice feeling..different but nice. I hope this is really going to be the jumping off point for me. I just need that little boost to get me on my way.

Things in my life are stressful right now. I know my blood pressure is high so I really hope I can gt this weight to start coming off to help that. It is almost to the point where I need to see the dreaded Doctor to get some blood pressure meds to help me out while I try to let the seeds do their magic (they are also full of all kinds of goodness to help with blood pressure).

Anyway I have taken my day one weight and will let you know when things start moving in the right direction. Hopefully it will be soon. I really need this right now. I really need something to go right in my world!


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