Monday, August 8, 2011

Last time starting over....for real this time.

I started over again on August 1st...

So I am doing pretty good.  Last week I worked out everyday for at least 50 minutes.  I am trying to hit 1000 minutes a month of exercise. It is hard to do 50 minutes a day.  So I am banking my minutes.  On the days that I am feeling it...I go over the 50 minutes so that on the days I am hurting I don't have to go so long.  It worked well the first week.  I worked out 259 minutes.  That is 9 minutes over what I need per week...and that wasn't counting the stuff I did on the weekends.  My Hubby says weekend workouts are just bonus.

Whatever I am doing is working.  For the first weigh in I lost 7 pounds.  Very happy with that.

For today I have already do 20 minutes and am getting ready for the next 30ish...we will see how far we get...I hope to bank a few for the rest of the week.  I know that I have some things going on on Friday that will take up time for the working out.  So I need to get ahead of the week now.

Off to hit the bike...

Till then...


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